24Hz Sound Wave + Video + Water = Insane Optical Illusion

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03.13.13 4 Comments

Video is just as capable of forming optical illusion as ink-and-pen drawing or photography. Like, for example, the latest video from Brusspup, an experienced optical illusionist. This time he’s created a sawtooth wave, in water.

But don’t take our word for it: See for yourself.

It’s worth noting that you wouldn’t see this effect if you just watched the hose with your naked eye. Not to get all boring and technical, but essentially your eye can’t see the effect because it’s moving too quickly. Basically the water is really being shoved back and forth by the sound waves, but the camera, due to taking twenty four pictures per second, is perfectly synced to grab those droplets at just the right moment.

Brusspup’s YouTube channel is full of clever optical illusions that exploit the nature of video, like this look at perspective and anamorphosis, or this clever goof with VHS tapes.

Keep this handy, the next time somebody complains about physics.

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