A Local News Station Caught A Glimpse Of All The ‘Batman V. Superman’ Destruction Filming In Detroit

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08.03.14 3 Comments

Above you’ll find a quick look at the Batman v Superman destruction currently filming in Detroit (insert “Isn’t that just Detroit?” layup here) thanks to some Channel 7 chopper footage that I can’t imagine Zack Snyder is overly stoked about.

Thanks to the local reporting though we get our first look at the “Wayne Financial” logo and to speculate wildly as to whether this is new destruction or just how Metropolis still looks after Superman and Zod went all scorched earth on on the city at the end of Man of Steel.

Either way I think we can all agree that this is the right time to debate whether or not Jesse Eisenberg will make a good Lex Luthor.

via Movie Web

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