‘Alien: Isolation’ Sees Its Achievements Leak

08.18.14 4 years ago


Alien: Isolation looks to be an intense, scary survival horror game that brings back the feel of the original movie, and we can’t wait for October. In the meantime, though, we can browse the achievements, which hint there’s a lot more to the game than we thought. There are some minor spoilers below.

There’s the basic stuff, what you get for clearing each level, but there are also some interesting little tidbits sprinkled among the trophies leaked by Xbox Achievements. For example, you’re much better armed than the trailers have let on; you unlock trophies for using shotguns, flamethrowers, bolt guns, stun batons, and revolvers. You can also get a trophy for not killing any humans, and a trophy for bumping off ten of them, which indicates there are people running around the space station and not all of them are friendlies.

There will also be hacking minigames and crafting, and apparently you can kill androids by hacking them, which is what we assume they mean by “kill an android using only the maintenance jack.” Either that or you’re going to do something really inappropriate and gross in this game. We’ll find out in October!


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