‘Bad Milo’ Lets Fly With A New Red-Band Trailer

07.31.13 5 years ago 15 Comments
This is what's up Ken Marino's ass, if you were wondering.

This is what’s up Ken Marino’s ass, if you were wondering.

You can’t fault Bad Milo for originality; Ken Marino plays a man who, when under severe stress, has a demon erupt from his butt to kill the source of the problem. And it’s surprisingly adorable for a vicious anal resident!

This actually looks like an ’80s throwback, in the best possible way. Milo is obviously all practical effects, and it helps that the cast, in addition to Marino, features Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare, Patrick Warburton, Stephen Root (you know him as Milton, who wants his stapler), and Toby Huss (pretty much every voice on King of the Hill). That’s a lot of funny people in one movie, and it pays off if the trailer is any indication:

So basically you just need fart jokes and bare asses to get a red band slapped on your trailer, now?

Regardless, Bad Milo actually looks pretty good, and if the trailer is any indication, it’s fairly gory into the bargain. Some people are comparing it to cult classic Basket Case, but this actually has more of a Gremlins vibe to me, well, minus the whole “burrowing into your alimentary canal like Lemmiwinks” thing. Also, how often do you get to hear a horror protagonist threaten to stuff the main villain right back up his ass?

Bad Milo will actually be arriving on VOD in late August, with a theatrical premiere October 4th.

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