Here’s A Closer Look At Gal Gadot On The ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Set

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05.18.14 17 Comments

Batman vs. Superman began filming in Birmingham, Michigan, last Friday, and we’re already seeing set pictures uploaded to social media. Nothing filmed outside stays a secret these days, because Big Brother is now just somebody with free time and a cellphone. Imagine a boot stamping on a production assistant’s face — forever.

When we posted these pictures of Gal Gadot allegedly in costume as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), we weren’t entirely sure if she was really on set at the time, since she owns a dress similar to this one. Now another photo from a different source confirms she is indeed on set.

Instagram user armendarakjian snapped the photo above while Batman vs. Superman filmed near his business, Darakjian Jewelers. This gives us our best look yet at Gadot as Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana Prince.

If this goes down like the last time we posted set pictures of Gal Gadot, the comments will be filled with complaints about how she’s not buff enough or too flat-chested or doesn’t have enough acting experience. I’ll admit I’m not familiar with her acting ability, but I don’t really get the other complaints. Wonder Woman and Superman aren’t strong because they lift weights. They’re strong because they have f*cking superpowers. Wonder Woman has to be confident, sharp, and agile, for sure, but buff? Nah, son. Superpowers aren’t based on body mass. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt till I see some footage from Batman vs. Superman. If her acting is bad, then we can release the hounds.

Via armendarakjian via @HenryCavillOrg via CBM

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