‘Big Hero 6’ Has A Marvel-lous New Teaser

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10.10.14 3 Comments

Up until now, the focus of Big Hero 6‘s marketing has largely been on Baymax, because Disney has crates of Baymax plushies they need to sell. But it is, you know, a team of heroes, and it looks like we’re getting more and more of a look at that as the movie’s release date inches closer.

Despite the fact that you have to put up with Fallout Boy, this is still a pretty interesting teaser; we get to see how the team interacts and them actually using their powers instead of just pratfalling in their suits. We also get to see that Hiro is pretty good at building robots, something that the law of screenwriting tells us will come in handy at some point.

How the movie is going to come together is an open question. But we’ll find out soon; it’s out November 7th.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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