SO IT BEGINS: Bonobo Learns How To Build A Fire, Roasts Marshmallows

Just yesterday we learned about the Houdini honey badger on BBC2’s Natural World, and now another HOLY SH*T clip has premiered on BBC’s Monkey Planet. In the clip below, Kanzi the bonobo builds a fire (using matches) and toasts marshmallows at the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary. Oh dear God. This is near where I live. BRB. Fireproofing EVERYTHING.

We’ve previously talked about Kanzi the bonobo when he was playing Ms. Pac-Man, and now he’s added marshmallow toasting skills to his repertoire. He’s even smart enough to gauge the heat of the marshmallows with his lips before taking a bite.

Kanzi didn’t come up with this on his own, however. He learned how to toast marshmallows by observing a team of crack researchers (as opposed to researchers on crack; that’s us). Then again, if you teach a bonobo how to start a fire, you might also be on crack.

Check out the video below to watch this bonobo monkeying around with fire. Ha ha ha. Seriously though, we’re all going to die.

Via Neatorama