The ‘World War Z’ Sequel Needs A New Director Brad Pitt Will Actually Speak With

“Hello. Yes, this is dog. No, I can’t direct your sequel.”

World War Z grossed $539 million worldwide this summer, outperforming expectations well enough to load up the gravy train with zombies and crash it into sequel town. But will director Marc Forster return for the sequel, considering those rumors that he and Brad Pitt weren’t even speaking to each other during several weeks of World War Z reshoots? Turns out the rumors may be true, as THR says Forster isn’t coming back.

Brad Pitt also told THR that they haven’t hired a writer yet. Either THR didn’t ask him about Forster, or he didn’t comment on him, but they did get a comment from Damon Lindelof, who was brought in to rewrite the third act of World War Z.

“The idea they were not speaking was not my experience.” […] “And more importantly, the way Brad talked about Marc and Marc talked about Brad was entirely respectable, as if they were both creative partners trying to fix a problem.” [THR via Bleeding Cool]

Well, whenever they do hire a new writer and director, perhaps they can do something totally out there like, let’s see, maybe make a movie that’s actually based on the book. I mean, would it f–king kill them to reference the Battle of Yonkers or the International Space Station or–

Sorry. Sorry. I’ll shut up now.