Brad Pitt Zombie Movie Raided By Real SWAT Team

Entertainment Editor

We’ve rarely covered the adaptation of Max Brooks’ World War Z starring Brad Pitt and produced by Pitt’s company, Plan B Entertainment. That may be because they seem to be eliminating everything that made the book good (see Burnsy’s rant here), changing the story into yet another “trying to stop a global outbreak” movie with a potential happy ending instead of letting it be what it should be: a chronicling of the inevitable aftermath of a global zombie outbreak. It reminds me of this awesome podcast with Robert Kirkman, where he says he started writing Walking Dead because he was fed up with zombie movies that didn’t show what happened after the outbreak. (That podcast also introduced us to the term “Sasquatching”, the sexiest of all cryptozoological fetishes.)

Now we have a good reason to talk about World War Z, as a SWAT team has raided a warehouse in Budapest, Hungary, and seized 85 firearms shipped to Budapest as “non-functional” props for the movie. The firearms, mostly assault rifles, were all in working order and illegal to transport, drawing attention from Hungary’s Anti-Terrorism Unit. Holy crap, can you imagine if they were actually using real assault rifles on set? It could have ended up like that scene in Child’s Play 3. Except good.

[Us Weekly via The Daily What]

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