The Final ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Is Here, With Spider-Man!

“Captain, people are afraid.” Marvel has released the final trailer for Captain America: Civil War while kicking off a Tumblr Q&A with the cast. The Q&A is going on over at BuzzFeed’s Tumblr page starting 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST). No word on when it ends, so be sure to flood BuzzFeed’s ask box with all of your questions about The Vision’s favorite ice cream flavors in a few days.

The trailer does a good job establishing some of the grim stakes at hand, with damn near everybody fighting everybody. Scarlet Witch takes on The Vision. Hawkeye shoots Ant-Man from an arrow. Black Panther doesn’t flinch at bullets. Even Captain America and Bucky fight at one point because they are best friends forever, but it’s complicated…

But the biggest reveal comes at the very end, when Spider-Man (Tom Holland) drops in, and we are really digging what they did with his costume, even if we’re not sure how they made the eyes constrict like that.

They finally show us which side Spider-Man is on. Surprisingly, he’s Team Iron Man, and Tony Stark even has a nickname for him: Underoos. Well, that’s hilariously sarcastic. But you can get away with that when you have money.

(Via Marvel)

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