‘Captain America: Civil War’ Finally Revealed Martin Freeman’s Role

It’s been an ongoing question since the movie started; it’s great Martin Freeman is there, but who the heck is he playing? We finally know, and it turns out he’s important not just to Civil War, but to Black Panther, as well.

Freeman, it turns out, is playing Everett Ross, as revealed by Empire:

We’ve heard rumors before, and Freeman even said as much, although he quickly clammed up, but this is the first official confirmation. Ross’ job is as a diplomatic fixer of sorts, as he shows foreign dignitaries and diplomats around and ensures that they’re safe and happy. Needless to say, that job becomes a lot more complicated when he’s assigned to T’Challa, who’s a cross between Tony Stark and a ninja who has no particular interest in sticking to the script. As time goes on, Ross becomes one of Black Panther’s most trusted friends and one of the few foreign dignitaries allowed to know anything about Wakanda.

So, needless to say, Ross will have his hands full as T’Challa mixes it up with other superheroes in Civil War, and presumably Freeman will have a bigger role to play once Black Panther gets a solo movie on Valentine’s weekend in 2018. Until then, maybe Marvel will feel puckish and have Ross and one Stephen Strange cross paths.

(Via Empire)

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