Captain America Gets Down And Dirty In This Never Before Seen ‘Civil War’ Footage

We’re getting closer to Captain America: Civil War, and the MTV Movie Awards just whetted our appetite for some serious hero on hero action. It’s clips like these that make the wait for May 6th that much harder. We’re finally seeing Scarlet Witch and Falcon fight besides Captain America while looking completely bad ass, and we see Black Panther finally pull his claws out on people he used to call friends.

Naturally, the internet freaked out at the clip. Call it the comedown from Batman v Superman, or perhaps Marvel and Disney have expertly built up this heroic split of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either way – people are hyped.

But there are some fans out there that aren’t caught up in the hype. There’s some real talk amongst the overwhelming excitement.

So now we have just under a month until Civil War changes everything. Fans who have read the comics know that certain characters die during the whole war, and those characters from the books have kind of been blended into characters from the movies (cough Hawkeye cough). And while Captain America didn’t die in the books, there’s been plenty of rumors suggesting he might get killed in the movie.

This is serious business. The countdown has officially begun.

(Via MTV)

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