Fans Are Protesting The Shocking ‘Captain America’ Controversy By Putting Their Money To Good Use

Shutterstock / Marvel

Controversy in comics isn’t a new thing, but in the age of the internet and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the reach and impact for comics is far different than it ever has been before. Especially when it comes to red-hot characters like Captain America, star of the recent Captain America: Civil War film that shook up the Avengers franchise for good. So needless the say — spoilers ahead — when Captain America said “Hail Hydra” the world of comics felt a tremor run through it and people are upset.

So while Twitter has been abuzz with Captain America turning to Hydra and, at least by association, with crazed comic book Nazis like Red Skull, it left a few fans unsettled. Taking into account that Captain America was originally penned by two Jewish Americans, it feels a bit awkward for Cap to take such a dramatic twist. According to DailyDot, some of these unsettled fans have been trying to turn their outrage to good use and have been donating money to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Steve Rogers’ name.

The idea started out on Tumblr and has bled over onto other forms of social media. It’s not apparent how many people have done it, but for those that are donating it is, indeed, a very good cause. History can always use preserving and the Holocaust is something that absolutely should be remembered. As for the controversy itself, the writer, Nick Spencer, brings up a rather valid point via his Twitter account.

That is some #RealTalk right there. People are talking about a comic book, not a movie that was adapted from a comic book, but an actual comic book. Comics do well, but have a much smaller audience than films or television series do. So Spencer is right, he got people talking, but now he’s gotta find a way to keep his audience engaged beyond the initial outrage. Fans, on the other hand, well, they are turning their outrage into something a bit more positive and that’s nice to see.

(Via DailyDot)