‘Daredevil’ Has A Brand New Logo To Celebrate The Punisher Bringing His War To Hell’s Kitchen

The news that Jon Bernthal won the role of The Punisher for season two of Daredevil was surprising and welcome news for fans of the Netflix hit. In honor of the announcement, Netflix released an updated logo that shows some of Frank Castle’s effect on the devil from Hell’s Kitchen:

That logo has a few air holes to allow this show to breathe! And with Elektra and Bullseye also apparently on the way, it is going to need it.

Elsewhere, Frank Grillo managed to capture what everybody is pretty much thinking about the casting news in one Tweet. If you look at the Garth Ennis’ run with Frank Castle and compare it to Bernthal’s look, it is really damn close. He’s also got the intensity and presence to carry that role to the dark place it needs to exist.

Season two of Daredevil is shaping up to be something amazing, but it does make you wonder what it means for the other Marvel Netflix series in development? How are they going to hold up and how is it all going to play together in the end. Hopefully they don’t put themselves in the corner, trying to outdo something great.

(Via Daredevil / Frank Grillo)