‘Dark Souls III’ Shows Its ‘True Colors’ In Its Latest Nightmare-Inducing Trailer

Dark Souls and Cyndi Lauper are two very different entities I never expected to see combined, and yet here’s the new Dark Souls III trailer set to an eerie version of Lauper’s “True Colors.” Of course, video game trailers being set to intentionally mismatched pop songs has been a trope for a while, but still, it’s surprising to see Dark Souls get the treatment. Dark Souls is such its own, unique thing, that mashing it up with anything else from pop culture just feels…strange. At least they didn’t use “She Bop.”

Quirky song choice aside, this latest Dark Souls III trailer wows with a heavy focus on the horrifying ghouls, beasties and apparitions who will be routinely killing you dead in the game. We see chain-laden giants, grotesque living trees, shambling cages full of zombies, fire-spewing behemoths and all sorts of other monsters I can’t even begin to describe. We also get a good sense of the game’s atmosphere and pacing – honestly, the game is looking more like Bloodborne 2 than Dark Souls III. But hey, that certainly isn’t a bad thing. Bloodborne with a block button sounds just about perfect.

Dark Souls III arrives to give you bad dreams April 12.