Deadpool And Boba Fetty Wap Square Off In A Rap Battle, But Who Will Win?

Film/TV Editor
12.17.15 2 Comments

The Epic Rap Battles of History YouTube channel has done it again, this time with a matchup between Deadpool and Boba Fett. Who will win–the Merc with a Mouth or the shady bounty hunter? They’re both strong contenders in this battle, but Deadpool’s love of fourth-wall breaking comes in loud and clear. Whereas Boba Fett keeps things a little more mysterious. Their character styles are vastly different, which is masterfully reflected here with their various sick rhymes. Ultimately, the winner will come down to personal viewer preferences.

Yes, this is a well-executed effort on both sides. The insults fly furiously, and the feud gets ugly fast. Deadpool comes in hard by describing his opponent as “the most overrated character anyone saw, with five lines in the trilogy and one of them was ‘AAHHHHH.'” That little gem was matched by Boba Fett calling Deadpool “comic sloppy seconds.” Deadpool lands several more punches, which culminate with “temp work for Vader and odd jobs for Jabba.” Then Boba Fett nearly fired a fatal shot by calling Deadpool “basic.” Ouch.

The battle is a sheer pleasure to watch. I’m partial to Deadpool for several reasons (his cheeky side doesn’t hurt, either), and will use that bias to declare him the winner. You will likely disagree, so have at it.

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