‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Footage Leaks, Is Mostly Wildlife Murder

So, Bethesda is taking its beloved Elder Scrolls franchise to the MMO market. And in the first major gameplay footage leak for the highly anticipated game, there’s a lot of… uh… animal murder.

You do actually get to fight a few things on two legs in the course of this footage, which starts from the beginning of the game and was supposedly posted by a tester. But it’s mostly killing animals with a fire staff and taking their genitals to use in potions.

The game seems to be a pretty standard Elder Scrolls game, in the sense that you run around a lot, repeat the same attack and back away from anything that has more hit points than you while clicking the attack button.

Oh, and obviously, there are mudcrabs, which are still annoyingly hard to kill. Seriously, skip to about eight minutes in, this guy spends about a solid minute trying to kill that thing with fire and it just will. Not. Die. They really need to get Lara Croft on this job.

To be fair, most games don’t really take off until you get past the tutorial, and this is still an alpha, but we really hope Bethesda will make this more compelling than just a magical crab-roasting simulator.