Here’s Ten Minutes Of Stealth, Elephants, And Helicopters From ‘Far Cry 4’

We have to admit, we’re excited for Far Cry 4, because it’s Far Cry 3 with far more creative and violent ways to get outside, meet new people, and completely and utterly destroy them. Ways that this video demonstrates!

Courtesy of VG 24/7, it was shot at E3 and features three different approaches. The first is the stealth approach, which takes up most of the video and shows off a few new silent weapons like the crossbow rifle and the throwing knife. We also get to see the grappling hook in action, which promises to be interesting.

Once that doesn’t work out, the next approach is to storm the place with an elephant and start spraying the whole area with a heavy machine gun and grenades. It’s not that much more effective, but it does have the advantage of being hilarious and utterly ridiculous.

The final method on display is flying around in a Mario Kart helicopter and spraying the area with explosives, which seems mostly to exist because everybody wants to do that at least once. Honestly, it mostly emphasizes that the game is as hard as nails. We’ll find out for ourselves November 18th.