53 Minutes Of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Gameplay Provides Plenty Of Story, Battling And Cheesy Dialogue

Following online rumors, Square-Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV has suffered one more, hopefully final, delay. Despite this unfortunate news, the game still seems to be shaping up behind the scenes, and Square-Enix has just released a meaty video showing off the first 53 minutes of the game.

After a rather confusing prologue, we join our protagonist Prince Noctis, as he sets out on one last a road trip with his bros before he’s set to be married. Unfortunately, their ride promptly breaks down, and they end up stranded at a desert service station while their car is fixed by a surprisingly sexy mechanic. Unfortunately, while Noctis and pals are off gallivanting, their kingdom is invaded, setting up the main plot of the game.

I’ll admit, the whole road trip thing is a fairly original setup, but man, this game’s characters and dialogue are pretty dire. You kind of have to admire Square-Enix for sticking to their guns with the crazy hair, shirtless dudes and cheesy one-liners, but on the other hand, maybe it’s time for Final Fantasy to grow up a bit. That said, the graphics are undeniably impressive, exploring the wilderness and fighting monsters looks entertaining, and the game certainly covers a lot of varied ground in 53 minutes. What do you think? Is Final Fantasy XV shaping up to be the grand adventure you’ve been waiting for?

Final Fantasy XV finally arrives November 29.