Five Cyber Monday Gaming Deals Worth Downloading

11.26.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

As we all know, it’s the shopping holiday that confuses perverts across the world: Cyber Monday. It being an online shopping day, most of the deals for gamers are PC downloads. Here are five particularly worth getting.

Batman: Arkham City Game Of The Year Edition: $7.50 on Amazon

OK, so there are maybe five people, on the planet, who have not played this game. Those five people now officially have no excuse, because this deal comes with $5 in Amazon store credit. In other words, the game costs less than a Batman comic.

Mass Effect Trilogy: $30 on GameFly

OK, so you need an Origin account. But if you look around, there’s a coupon to use, NOV20OFF, that gets you the whole set for $24. That’s a lot of gaming for eight bucks a pop.

Spec Ops: The Line: $7.50 from GameFly

This is, by far, the best military shooter to come along in years. And it’s by far the darkest. It may not be perfect, as a game, but it’s some of the best writing you’ll see in gaming right now, and less than ten bucks means you have pretty much zero excuse not to get this.

Binary Domain: $10 at the Microsoft Store

Sega’s third person shooter has two very distinct advantages: It’s quite wittily written, and the combat is a lot of fun, leaving aside the kind of messy squad mechanics. This didn’t take off the way it deserved to, and if you like fragging, and own a 360, this is worth your cash.

A Red 3DS With Two Free Games: $170 from GameStop

The 3DS, as much as we may mock Nintendo, is a good console, and if you’re interested, or want to buy one as a gift, this is actually the best deal we’ve found.

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