Geek Out Your Hoodie With Shori Ameshiko

New York Comic Con is coming up this weekend and you know what that means, there will be a nerd orgy in NYC like we were in “The Matrix Reloaded”. But you’re going to need some sweet duds to compete with all the awesome cosplayers that will be looking for a hook up. Might we suggest these awesome Final Fantasy, Pokemon and “Fruits Basket” hoodies?

Most of these hoodies are reasonably priced at just $50, check out our favorites in the slide show or see more at Shori Ameshiko’s shop.


Umbreon Hoodie

Chikorita Hoodie

Gloomy Bear Hoodie

Kyo Sohma

Moogle Hoodie

Mudkip Hoodie

Pikachu Hoodie

Charmander Hoodie

Yuki Sohma Hoodie