This Urban Explorer Group Happened Upon One Amazing ‘Star Wars’ Discovery

A short time ago, in this galaxy, not terribly far away, a group of folks a lot like you and me, found the Millennium Falcon. It’s true. See there’s this exploration group in the UK called Oblivion State and they heard that Episode VIII was filming not too far from where some members were located. So, being the opportune explorers that they are, they went looking. And bam, they found the fastest ship in the universe.

Can you imagine, just minding your own business online in a discussion forum with some of your pals and you come across one of the most iconic pop culture items in the history of, like, ever? Well, now you can picture what these Oblivion State members must have felt like when they heard the news, went for a walk and saw the famous ship.

Episode VIII is currently filming in the UK with plans set for a December, 2017 release. Director Rian Johnson has a lot to work with, after Episode VII ended with Daisy Ridley’s Rey finding Luke Skywalker and appealing to him for his assistance on the heels of her leaving the evil Kylo Ren reeling from a snowy lightsaber battle. Rey and John Boyega’s Finn proved to be perfectly adept at piloting the Falcon, so of course it makes sense that it will serve as a primary mode of transport in the next chapter of the saga.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go for a bit of a hike, see what famous spaceships I come across.

(via Gizmodo)