‘Grand Theft Auto’ Horse Returns For More Surreal Hijinks

This summer we met a playable horse character in Grand Theft Auto IV, and then that horse positively pushed it to the limit. The horse mod is downloadable here for all your Sex and the City re-enactment needs. Now that we have the obligatory Sarah Jessica Parker reference settled, let’s just move on. Thanks to master trollist Birgirpall, the horse has returned to Liberty City for an even more surreal reign of destruction.

Both of the videos below have some NSFW language, but none of it is coming from the horse (of course) because he’s an upstanding fellow. Just look at how he always puts on a helmet when mounting a flying motorcycle:

Safety first. What a well-behaved equine. He should get an achievement for that…

[Sources: Roboshark and Gingerhaze]