Here’s A Ton Of New ‘The Hobbit’ Pics, And A Clip Of Gandalf Giving Bilbo A Sword (And Some Terrible Advice)

Oh man, oh man guys — The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is only a couple weeks away, so let’s throw some extra coal on the fire and get this hype train moving.

After the jump we have a ton of new pics (featuring a variety of characters and icky monsters we haven’t seen much of up to this point) and a quick clip of Gandalf bestowing upon Bilbo his famous, glows-when-orcs-are-near, elven blade Sting…

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Sooo, Gandalf gives Bilbo a sword, Bilbo admits he’s never even held a sword and Gandalf’s advice is “well uh, hopefully you won’t have to use it”. Gandalf, you’re the worst at this weird “playing surrogate grandpa to Hobbits” thing you like to do.

Hit the next page for a dragon’s horde of new pics…

“I, I don’t know Gandalf. I think it’s a pimple…”

“Nice beard.”

“Thanks, cool staff.”

Yikes, guess they don’t have access to Abreva in the Misty Mountains. 

Push him. Puuuuuush him…

“I’ll give 10-cents and not a penny more…”

“Wait, no…it’s a boil. Definitely a boil.”

“So uh, anybody want to teach me to use this thing? Sometime before we get to the dragon mountain?”

You really don’t want to know what ogre smores are made of.