Here’s What Those ‘Batman V Superman’ Posters Look Like In LEGO Form

The more we find out about what exactly is happening in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the darker the DC Comics movie universe sounds. This tactic may or may not work. It just depends on who you ask. But whether you’re an avid comic book fan, a Man of Steel detractor, or just don’t care, one thing’s for certain — little kids are probably losing their minds with frightened excitement.

Maybe that’s why LEGO decided to take the piss out of Batman v Superman‘s limited-but-gritty bout of marketing with its own versions of the dueling character posters. I gotta say — the whole Superman-is-a-god-who-must-be-stopped shtick sorta disappears once he’s reduced to a bit of plastic.

(Via LEGO/Twitter)