Is “Fringe” Toast?

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Fans will hold out hope, but we’re pretty sure that when a Fox executive says this…

“We lose a lot of money on the show. At that rating on that night it’s almost impossible for us to make money. We are not in the business of losing money, so we’re trying to figure out if there a number at which we can continue with the series. We haven’t even sat down with the producers yet.”

…that the show itself is dead. At least on Fox.

That comes from the mouth of Kevin Reilly, the entertainment president of Fox, and if he’s actually admitting this in public, before he’s even talked to the producers, then either he’s trying to haggle down the price, or, well, he’s pounding nails into its coffin. We’re guessing the latter, especially since even one of the stars (Joshua Jackson) thinks that’s a good reason to punch his meal ticket.

But, hey, maybe they can run it on the CW. If nothing else, it’s better than “The Vampire Diaries.”

Oh, and apparently they made money on “Terra Nova”, so odds are pretty good we were wrong and that turkey is going to keep flying yet.

[ via the mad scientists at Deadline ]

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