Kenneth Branaugh Wants to Make Another Marvel Movie?

11.29.11 6 years ago

One of the pleasant surprises of last summer was Kenneth Branaugh delivering a “Thor” movie that was actually a lot of fun, well-written, and lighthearted. Sure, it stuck with the Marvel formula of the first movie being an origin story, but it crammed a lot of personality and wit into a fairly stock plot.

Sadly, he won’t be back for the sequel, but Branaugh did confirm that it was solely a matter of timing, and that he wants to direct another movie if Marvel will have him, which, since he helped them launch a franchise, they probably will.

Hey…hey, Marvel. You know that “Doctor Strange” movie you’ve been all but yodeling that you really want to make and release for 2014? Maybe you should hire this guy. Just sayin’, he’s pretty good.

[ via the thunderbolts at Blastr ]

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