The Kurgan Invades The World Of Warcraft Movie

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12.19.13 8 Comments
He's even got the outfit!

He’s even got the outfit!

Clancy Brown is a talented actor who has spent decades working on stage and screen. And mostly he’s still known as either Mr. Krabs or the Kurgan, although some of us still cling to him as Brother Justin. And now he’ll be… something in World Of Warcraft: The Movie: Probably Something Else After A Colon As Well.

Interestingly, Brown is joined by the Chinese equivalent of Tom Hardy. Daniel Wu will also be joining the cast, according to CinemaBlend:

The film’s cast has grown by two today, as Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu (The Man With the Iron Fists) and veteran supporting actor Clancy Brown (The Green Mile) have both signed onto the Universal and Legendary Pictures production. The two actors join the previously announced Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, Robert Kazinsky, Toby Kebbell, and Paula Patton.

Although we’ve yet to hear an actual plot description, apparently there’s a king involved, and considering Brown’s epic beard, that’s likely going to be his job. Wu, meanwhile, is a fascinating choice. He’s a firmly established star in Asian markets and has a lot of facility with drama, action and comedy. And he’s also been pretty resistant to the usual stereotyping Asian actors deal with in the West; you might have seen him in Europa Report, for example.

It seems unlikely he’s the lead, but it’s also likely he’ll steal the movie. Arguably he’s the biggest star in this movie in terms of box office draw. That said, he’s not the one we’ll be making Highlander jokes about, either, so really it’s a wash.

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