SPOILERS: Leaked ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Post-Credits Scene Confirms A Very Special Appearance

Marvel is becoming increasingly careful about it’s post-credits clips, often not showing them for reviewers and preview audiences, but this morning the Guardians of the Galaxy clip leaked out somehow.

The clip didn’t contain any big spoilers, but it did feature a surprise appearance by a character hardcore Marvel fans (and terrible movie fanatics) will be very excited about. I think you know who I’m talking about.

Unfortunately Marvel is aggressively going after any online versions of the clip, but I managed to grab evidence of that surprise character before Marvel struck…

Yup, Howard the mothafowlin’ Duck. I’m not sure if this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe jumping the shark or punching the goddamn shark right in its face. Maybe a little of both.

Oh, and hey, sorry about the lack of a clip, but here’s that Lea Thompson GIF again to make up for it…

Via Vulture