The New ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Trailer Teases The Game’s Insanely Great Cast

If we’ve gathered anything from the previous story trailer released for the upcoming LEGO Dimensions video game, it’s that the universe-hopping storyline is going to be pretty insane. And when the title hits in under two weeks, the grand scale of the game will be matched with a variety of big names who have lent their voices to the project. For instance, the above video features interviews with some of the featured actors like Joel McHale, Allison Brie, and Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd.

The news doesn’t stop there as Michael J. Fox will also appear in the game — reprising Marty McFly opposite Doc Brown — to bring some new details to the Back to the Future story canon. Previous clips promoting the game have also teased a Dr. Who universe, which we can now see from the above video, including Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor along with EVERY. DOCTOR. EVER.

Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain from Portal show up, there will be some much needed ghost busting, Gary Oldman plays the game’s big villain and Chris Pratt even reprises his LEGO roles as Owen from Jurassic World and Emmet from The LEGO Movie.

Needless to say, once LEGO Dimensions hits shelves on September 27, it may indeed be the craziest video game meant for everyone, not just kids, but also — as Joel McHale put it — for animals, mammals, cold-blooded animals, and invertebrates. Like I said, everyone.