Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Offers A ‘Sacrifice’ Tonight

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05.15.13 225 Comments

It’s been a long, bumpy ride for the series. But as Arrow wraps up its freshman season, it promises a lot of… interesting moments. But since it’s titled Sacrifice (and they signed two new cast members for Season Two), we’re taking bets on who dies, because somebody’s got to.

Contractual Immunity: Ollie (Stephen Amell), Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), Diggle (David Ramsey), Tommy (Colin Donnell)

Tommy is all but preordained to be after Ollie next season, considering that in fairly short order Ollie will have banged his girlfriend (after specifically telling him he was not going to bang his girlfriend) and killed his dad. As for the rest of the group, we’re fairly sure large portions of the fan base would rise in mutiny if any of them died.

Probably Safe: Laurel (Katie Cassidy), Walter (Colin Salmon)

Laurel still needs to become Black Canary, something the show has dropped a few pretty large hints about happening, what with her working at CNRI and slapping around Mafia goons. And Walter served Moira with divorce papers and got the hell out of Dodge, which is reasonable and puts him out of range of anything too drastic.

Fifty-Fifty: Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), Thea (Willa Holland), Roy (Colton Haynes)

Thea is constantly called “Speedy”, and Roy, in the comics, actually IS Speedy, so one or the other of them is probably dead meat to “inspire” the other to become a vigilante. We’re actually leaning towards Roy buying it: A show this genre-savvy seems unlikely to start cramming any fridges.

As for Quentin: He’s awesome and we really hope he survives, but again, somebody has to drive Laurel to vigilantism.

Likely Toast: Moira (Susanna Thompson), Malcolm (John Barrowman)

Moira has turned out to be a conflicted villain, at best, but those tend to be the most likely victims of karma. As for Malcolm, Ollie has zero compunction about killing people, and this is the guy who bumped off his father and trapped him in a hellhole for five years. So honestly, Malcolm had either better hope Ollie’s distracted, or that the mitigating circumstances that kept him from just chopping Ollie’s head off in his office don’t apply to self-defense.

Either way, we’ll be watching tonight, starting at 8pm EST. Come join the fun!

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