Make it So — Microsoft Working On a Holodeck

Apparently Geordi’s been hired by Microsoft. Just don’t blame him if Windows 8 ends up sucking.

Prepare your shocked faces everyone — Microsoft is currently working on something really legitimately cool. Well, cool in a nerdy sort of way, but hey, “nerdy cool” is still a step up for the company. Currently Microsoft couldn’t be any less cool if they exclusively sold graphing calculators and corrective insoles. They aspire to be nerdy cool.

Anywho, enough typing about how Microsoft is uncool on my Windows 7 laptop, let’s get to the meat of this story — Microsoft is trying to build a holodeck.

More specifically they’re working a wall-sized 3D screen. The 3D won’t require any sort of glasses or goggles; instead the 3D effect will be created by beaming two images directly into your eyes. The technology will also be able to track your eyes, and adjust the image accordingly, so unlike the glasses-free technology you see in something like the 3DS or smartphones, you won’t have to stay in one place for the 3D effect to work. You can move around and your view of the 3D images on the screen will adjust as if they were real.

It’s a little hard to explain in text (I’m not even going to try to explain the technology’s potential for virtual high fives), but it all seems pretty nifty. Hit the jump to watch a video of a Microsoft dude explaining it all a bit more clearly than I can…

Random observation — is it just me, or was the girl at the beginning of the video drawing a schlong? Anyone? No? Hmmm.

via The Mary Sue