Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Is Coming To Hulu From The ‘Gossip Girl’ Team

Marvel was built on teenage drama, but surprisingly, it’s never gotten into teen drama on television. That looks like it’s about to change, as one of Marvel’s more beloved cult series, Runaways, is coming to Hulu courtesy of some teen drama experts.

The concept of Runaways is pretty simple. A group of kids figure out their parents are supervillains, and that they are not shy about using mind control to force their kids into the family business, so, well, you can guess what they do. Created by Bryan K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, the series was an enormous surprise hit for Marvel and rumors of a movie or series have been circling the comic ever since, including the worst audition rumor possible.

The order so far is for a pilot and scripts from Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who are best known for Gossip Girl. It follows closely the rumors that Marvel was shooting short pilots, allegedly for Netflix, and the upcoming teen drama series Cloak & Dagger, which is coming to Freeform. This will likely also have some ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it’s being produced through ABC Signature and Marvel Studios.

It’s a curious move as well since Netflix has, so far, been Marvel’s home for streaming video. But Marvel has shown a taste for “tiers” in its programming, and Hulu might be the overall destination for its teen dramas, as Freeform puts its shows up on the streaming service. Now, about reviving Agent Carter

(via Deadline)