Matthew Vaughn Wants to Film Superfogeys

Entertainment Editor

Matthew Vaughn wants to produce and/or direct a movie called The Golden Age, about superheroes in a retirement home.  The not-yet-written script would be based on a not-yet-published comic by not-yet-recognized-in-the-US talk show host Jonathan Ross, a guy with over 880,000 twitter followers who all talk exactly like chimney sweeps (we assume).

Vaughn is currently in LA editing X-Men: First Class for Fox, but tells me he wants to get actors attached to the new project before the script is written. His wish list is Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and Warren Beatty to play the retired superheroes who help out their grandchildren when their middle-aged parent screw up the world. [Deadline]

This sounds SO EXCITING.  Will the Flaming Prune figure out which orderly stole the quarters off his end table?  Does Grandpa Time make it to the bathroom before it’s too late?  What racist comment will Butterscotch Candy embarrass her daughter with in public today?  Will Captain Ensure’s children ever call?  STAY TUNED!

[Pictures from L’hospice (The Nursing Home) by Gilles Barbier.]

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