The ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie Has A Very Odd Choice Of Director

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06.04.14 5 Comments
metal gear solid


As hard as it may be to believe, they’re still making a Metal Gear Solid movie. In fact, they’ve even lined up a director, who is about as off-the-wall as you can get for this kind of movie.

Specifically, according to Deadline, they’re getting Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Who is Jordan Voight-Roberts? To give you an idea, here’s the trailer to his first movie, The Kings Of Summer:

Don’t get us wrong, it’s quite a good movie, if a bit slight. But when you say Metal Gear Solid, you don’t really think “adorable coming-of-age comedy.” That said, Vogt-Roberts is quite good with actors, and that might be the deciding factor.

Still, he’s got a few challenges. Metal Gear Solid is beloved by gamers, but the Metal Gear series is just a wee bit convoluted. And honestly, most of what makes the game fun would make for a pretty dull movie, something even Kojima admits. Watching people hide in boxes isn’t nearly as entertaining as hiding in a box and sneaking through the area yourself.

On the other hand, they might just want to finally get this movie into theaters. It’s been in development since 2006, at various studios, and everybody from Quentin Tarantino to Hugh Jackman has been tied to it at one point or another. Besides, Ubisoft seems to be moving full speed ahead on turning both Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed into movies possibly starring Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender, respectively, so we should probably brace for a new wave of adaptations. Hey, they can’t be worse than Double Dragon or Mario Bros., right?

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