Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Read Mean Tweets From Folks Who Don’t Appreciate His Movie Criticism

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Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is the most popular science guy on the block these days, and he partly made his public name by picking apart the inaccuracies in space movies like Gravity and Interstellar. This, of course, makes some people unreasonably angry, because a person saying something even remotely critical about a thing you like means they hate the thing in its entirety, and probably hate you, too! Or something. Even when he praises a movie, as he did with The Martian, people find a reason to lose their sh*t.

Well, Tyson did the “reading mean tweets” thing, and shot back at the critics of his movie commentary with some of his trademark, dry as the surface of the moon wit. His bit about how people who watch sci-fi movies for the science can get ideas about how to invent tomorrow is pretty much perfect. Also, he has a fine spiel about folks who complain any time a movie deviates slightly from the book its based on. It has nothing to do with science, but rant on, Neil.

Now, what I want to see is a Neil deGrasse Tyson reviewing a movie that doesn’t even try to get it right. I dare somebody to show him Jupiter Ascending.

via National Geographic

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