Watch A Dog Do His Best ‘Pac-Man’ Impersonation, Complete With Dots And Ghosts

Pac-Man is a game so beloved, we’ll hallucinate it after surgery. But it’s more than just nostalgia. Pac-Man is, underneath the retro graphics and music, a truly elegant piece of game design. Really, the only way to make Pac-Man better would be to involve dogs, and the team at HelloDenizen finally made it happen.

The idea is fairly simple: Build the maze, make some adorable papercraft ghosts, and unleash a Jack Russell in the maze to see what happens. Adding to the comedy, the dots are little balloons the dog has to pop, which it does with the kind of joy only a dog could have in such a task. It turns out that the little guy is a shockingly efficient Pac-Man, only losing one life and taking down a bunch of ghosts in the process as he clears the maze. Impressively, they don’t goof around. If you know your Pac-Man, they stick fairly closely to how the ghosts would actually behave in the game itself.

This appears to be the start of a series, but we’re not sure how you could even top this. Perhaps a doggy version of Joust? Build a Q-Bert themed cat tree? Hamsters in Mario outfits? Maybe just show us the dog again?

(Via Pleated Jeans)