‘Pacific Rim’ Reveals A Whole Bunch Of Giant Robots

Pacific Rim is Guillermo Del Toro’s next movie.
It features giant robots. Fighting kaiju. It has a $200 million budget.
Let us just repeat that: It’s a giant monster movie directed by Guillermo Del Toro with all the special effects nine figures can buy.
Now that we’ve got your attention, a whole bunch of viral content has been unleashed to plug the film, and all of it is pretty awesome. We’re assuming that this is a build-up to an actual trailer being released, likely in front of The Hobbit. But until then, check out what we’ve got, so far…

First, here’s the emergency test we’ve all been waiting to hear for our entire lives. Well, maybe not if we’re homeowners. But anyway!

This being a viral teaser, needless to say it isn’t heavy on the reveals. It’s mostly just there to communicate that giant monsters stomp cities a lot in this movie. That said, we do get a quick glimpse at the skeleton:
From what we can see, it looks a bit like Gigan.
In this movie, giant monsters are fought with (of course) giant robots called Jaegers. Warner Brothers released blueprints of several countries’ versions of… well, huge attack platforms.