Peter Jackson Teases That He’s Directing An Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’ With A Mini-Episode

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There have been rumblings for years that Peter Jackson was interested in directing an episode of Doctor Who, and apparently those rumors are finally coming to fruition, with Jackson announcing his involvement with a cheeky Facebook video. As he sits at his table, polishing his Oscars, his daughter, Katie (last seen as an adorable hobbit child) informs him that Steven Moffat is emailing him again; an actual Doctor appears to sweeten the deal.

Jackson gets a lot of flack for mishandling The Hobbit, but his self-deprecating tone in the video goes a long way. At least he’s aware enough to make a joke that he’d prefer to make the episode over the course of six months in New Zealand instead of the proposed 12 days in Cardiff. Still, Doctor Who has been on a creative upswing lately, so here’s hoping that Jackson can keep the streak going.

Also, not to cause panic, but Entertainment Weekly points out that there appears to be a heavily bookmarked copy of The Silmarillion on Jackson’s table. As the Tolkien family has refused to release the rights of that tome, this is probably just Jackson masterfully trolling his audience. Be real, though: A miniseries of The Silmarillion would be totally rad. Maybe HBO has some room for more knights and dragons in their roster.

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