‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Reveals Six New Pokemon And The Ability To Power Up Beyond Level 100

Hey, did you know there are Pokemon games out there other than Pokemon Go? No, really! In fact, this year we’re getting Pokemon Sun and Moon, two all-new core games in the series that will require a lot less walking.

Nintendo just released a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it unveils some interesting new features. The games will now let you engage in friendly Poke battles online, and power up your Pokemon beyond level 100. Of course, the trailer also unveiled a handful of new critters.

As always, there’s winners and losers amongst the new Pokemon. Mimikyu is a new ghost type, that imperfectly disguises itself as other Pokemon. This is definitely one of the creepier members of the Poke roster.

Also, how can you not love Bewear, a pink teddy bear thing that looks all-too-ready to hand out hugs?

On the flip side, we have Comfey, one of the unfortunate “looks like an inanimate object” Pokemon. See, Pokemon Sun and Moon take place on a tropical island, and Comfey looks like a lei. Get it?

Also, here’s Bounsweet, which is totally just an Oddish in a diaper. You can check out the rest of the new Pokemon in the trailer above.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes November 18 on the…Nintendo 3DS? Is that some kind of obscure phone? Or, uh, tablet? Weird.

(via Polygon)