This ‘Project Almanac’ Trailer Combines Time Travel And Found Footage

Time travel is always fun, whether you’re rediscovering why the ’80s were terrible in a hot tub or screwing up your life in overly dramatic fashion. Like Project Almanac demonstrates in its first trailer.

If the idea of a found footage time travel movie sounds familiar, that’s because this movie’s been on the shelf for a while. It was originally called Welcome to Yesterday, and then was renamed and delayed for almost a year.

That’s not usually a good sign, especially when your movie was produced by Michael Bay. On the other hand, the trailer mentions that the obnoxious kid every one of these movies must have gets ripped apart into a pile of tachyons, and it also directly addresses one of the most common complaints about time travel movies. So we’re reserving judgement, for now. You can make the call yourself January 30th.

Via First Showing