“Red Sand” Is a Fan Prequel…with Shepard’s Voice Actor

Well, the male voice actor, anyway.

“Mass Effect 3” is coming up fast, and the hype machine is kicking into full gear: witness the fact that the new trailer drops February 19th, during “The Walking Dead”, and is currently being hyped with a trailer. You know, because both franchises are struggling and really need to bootstrap each other up into nerd consciousness.

Anyway, the middle of all this, another trailer has dropped for something Mass Effect related…but this is a prequel. A fan-made prequel.

Before you start rolling your eyes, this one has an actual budget and is being made by a true fan. How do we know this? He hired Mark Meer to star; and yes, he’s Shepard’s voice actor.

Besides, this one actually looks pretty good. Check out the trailer under the jump.

image courtesy EA