Full Trailer For Vin Diesel’s ‘Riddick’ Something Something ‘Ridiculous’

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05.15.13 27 Comments

The picture above is not from the new Riddick movie (trailer below). The picture is, in fact, culled from Vin Diesel’s endearingly looney Facebook page. We figured he could use some motivation, because we suspect this film wasn’t as sweeping in scope as he had expected. It’s just a surprise it’s getting a theatrical release, considering it was beset by problems.

After two years of planning, the production ceased in 2011 when the cast and crew were locked out of the studio due to unpaid debts. Production started again in 2012 when they raised more money (How?). Now it’s set to open in IMAX (How?) on September 6th. Seriously, how?

And here are a few pictures Vin Diesel uploaded to Facebook. The blockquotes under each picture are his, um, artistic commentary.

Too focused on the captive, the bounty…


And when they realize what is out there in the dark… it’s too late.

Not all Mercs are spineless… in fact some are downright sexy…


P.s. Katee who plays “Dahl” wrapped picture this morning at 5:45 am, after a long night of rain, action and wires… the talent she brought to the new Chronicles of Riddick… added magic to the film and the process.


These Furyan eyes have seen so much, and yet so much remains unanswered…

Dude f–king loves ellipses.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to print out that picture of Katee Sackhoff and add it to our Starbuck shrine.

(H/T: Coming Soon and Bleeding Cool)

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