Ridley Scott Wanted To Cross Over ‘Alien’ And ‘Blade Runner’

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10.09.12 6 Comments

One of the weirder conspiracy theories out there is that Prometheus, hitting Blu-Ray today, is actually a movie set in an alternate reality where the future we see in Blade Runner will happen, and it establishes the Xenomorphs as part of this alternate universe.

Or that the Alien franchise and Blade Runner directly overlap. I’ve seen a few arguments either way.

The point is, Sir Scott wanted to mix his peanut butter and chocolate despite the fact Fox and Warner Brothers would never agree to it.

And amazingly, he actually managed to pull it off, to some degree.

Apparently, in the UK steelbook version of the Blu-Ray, you’ll find this:

Yeah, that sounds pretty familiar. Also included on the Blu-Ray, apparently, is a short bit about how Scott wanted to tie the two universes much closer together, which is where I got that photo of Roy Batty, bodyguard, above from.

As we all know, Scott is developing a sequel to the much beloved Blade Runner and as fans point out, the timing makes sense: Blade Runner happens in 2019 and Prometheus in 2090.

I’m not sure how I feel about this, as a serious, refined critic.

As a fanboy, of course, I’m giddy, but we’ll see what happens.

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