Robert Downey Jr. Continues To Be Awesome, Screens ‘Winter Soldier’ For A Bunch Of Kids

04.05.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

In case you hadn’t noticed, Robert Downey Jr. is a solid dude. He’s awesomely charitable (even when it hilariously backfires), he has a surprising singing voice, and he’s adept at keeping grandmas calm when they injure themselves terribly. And now he’s celebrated his 49th birthday — lookin’ good, RDJ — by screening Captain America: The Winter Soldier for 50 lucky kids. He posted this photo to his Facebook page with the message, “Let the partaaaaay begin!!!”

If that’s not enough birthday-related RDJ awesomeness, Geekosystem provides another anecdote.

[Jamie] Foxx’s five-year-old daughter insisted on an Iron Man theme for her birthday party, and told all of her friends that she knew the real Tony Stark – and that he’d be there. As a total shot in the dark, Foxx texted Downey Jr. about the awkward predicament, with low expectations (as if Iron Man has time to show up to a kid’s birthday party, you know?) But, being an actual superhero, RDJ totally came to the party with a bucket full of Iron Man toys, and hung out for the day. For real.

Jamie Foxx wasn’t lying:

Let it never be said Robert Downey Jr. didn’t earn that huge paycheck for The Avengers. He’s his generation’s Bill Murray. He can eat fries off our plate anytime.

Robert Downey Jr exploding ovaries, son

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