Here Are Some Sad Pictures From The Xbox One’s, Uh, Big Japanese Launch

09.04.14 4 years ago 14 Comments


Yesterday, after a nine-month wait, Microsoft finally launched the Xbox One in Japan, and Japanese gamers stormed retailers like there was a herd of kaiju on their tails. Haha, just kidding — Japan didn’t much care for Microsoft consoles when they were on top of the world with the Xbox 360, and they certainly aren’t into the Xbox One.

Here’s a golden treasury of sad Japanese Xbox One launch pictures courtesy of Twitter…

This is the Yobodashi Camera Store in Akihabara, Tokyo, one of the top places to grab a new console in Japan. Surely this queue will fill up quickly!

An hour later.

Finally, shortly before opening this raucous crowd of, uh, six guys showed up.

Yahoo went to another major retailer and only this one guy showed up. Thankfully there were half a dozen folks there from the media to cover his momentous purchase.

But hey, Microsoft’s Japanese branch isn’t defeated! No sir! They released this bold statement in response to the lukewarm Xbox One launch…

“We have high expectations as this machine is loaded with graphics that will surely satisfy game players.”

Oh dear. Better luck next gen Microsoft.

Via DualShockers & Yahoo News

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