‘Sniper Elite III’ Continues The Grand Tradition Of Shooting Hitler In The Ball

We don’t actually know for certain whether or not Adolf Hitler only had one testicle, although the evidence points towards it. But then again, we know he wasn’t assassinated in North Africa, and that doesn’t make this cut of various attempts to kill him in Sniper Elite III any less funny.

The Sniper Elite games have a history of giving you a crack at killing the aforementioned failed artist. But, of course, where’s the fun in exploding Hitler’s ball only once? Especially when you can repeat the game, headshot derp Fuhrer, and keep doing it? Teach your kids how to do it! Bring in Grandpa and let him fulfill his lifelong dream! Fun for the whole family! Well, except Dean, but screw him! Let’s go kill Hitler, everybody!

For those wondering, this is actually part of the Hunt The Grey Wolf pre-order DLC, so you can’t quite go and blow Hitler’s nut off at retail just yet. Give it a few weeks if you haven’t preordered the game, we’re sure that you’ll be able to deal out the ultimate vasectomy soon.

Via VG24/7