A Hacker’s Been Pirating Marvel Comics Before They’re Printed

02.17.12 8 years ago

How’s this for chutzpah: two bloggers have tracked down the source of Marvel’s pirated comics…and it’s from the pre-press image files. Somebody’s figured out an exploit to get into Marvel’s network and literally steal the comics before they hit print.

We don’t talk about piracy on here, and for good reason: it’s stealing, and it also compromises the long-standing tradition of freeloading in the FLCS and reading all the new issues before buying one and leaving. But this is taking stealing to a whole new level, if it’s true.

Pirated Marvel comics are notable for what they’re missing: UPC symbols on the covers, certain visual elements like musical notes, things of that nature. David Brothers and David Uzumeri break down all the smoking guns they found, but if this is true, and it’s hard to see what else it could be, Marvel’s basically got a omelette the size of Cap’s shield hanging off their face.

Next time, guys, get MODOK to program your computer security; McAfee has nothing on him.

[ via Comics Alliance ]

image courtesy Marvel Comics

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