Captain Kirk Dons His ‘Tron’ Helmet In The Newest ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer

The newest trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was attached to showings of Oz The Great And Powerful this weekend, but it looks more like TRON 2: LOUD NOISES than a Star Trek movie to us. Not that we’re complaining. At least it looks entertaining, with a reasonable number of lens flares and a reference to the scene from Star Wars where Luke Skywalker flies toward the Death Star’s exhaust port.

We also learned which character Peter Weller is playing. Spoiler alert: it’s not RoboCop.

Peter Weller is playing a Starfleet Admiral that goes by the name of Marcus. The father of Carole Marcus, Alice Eve’s character? That remains to be clarified, but it sounds like a reasonable bet. [Bleeding Cool]

This information was revealed to a group of journalists who got to watch 30 minutes of footage from the movie with J.J. Abrams last week. We weren’t invited, probably because we opened some box with a question mark on it last time he invited us to something, and then he got so mad, you guys. Sheesh. It was just a box filled with cheap magic tricks. It’s not like we tricked him into watching six seasons of an enthralling TV show which ultimately answered almost none of his questions. That would be terrible.


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