‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Announces Contest Winner, Possibly Drops A Spoiler

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08.13.14 4 Comments

The Star Wars: Force For Change fundraiser benefiting UNICEF has ended, having raised $4,261,410 from fans and $1 million from Disney. To announce the completion, J.J. Abrams tweeted the picture above, which might hint at the rumored plot leak about Luke Skywalker’s missing hand, or it could just be a cool-looking droid hand and/or “marital aide” (like you wouldn’t) he had lying around.

As was laid out in the video from the Abu Dhabi set, the one filmed in front of a new X-wing prototype, and the one with Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, anyone who pledged $10 or more to UNICEF through the Force For Change site was entered to win a trip for two to the London set of Star Wars: Episode VII and a walk-on role in the movie.

So who’s the lucky bastard who won a role in Star Wars: Episode VII? It’s D.C. Barns from Denver, Colorado. You can watch this lucky bastard find out he’s a lucky bastard in this video. On the one hand, I don’t like it when marketing companies try to tug at my heartstrings. On the other hand, ALL THE FEELS.

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